• shutterstock_85691845 copyAll our lives we’ve been told how important it is that we drink more water. But why? We know that water is essential to keeping our bodies properly hydrated, and that it acts as a wonderful thirst quencher, but are there really any significant health reasons behind this idea?The answer to this question, is a one hundred percent yes. There are many health benefits to drinking water. Today we are going to share with you, a few of the most important reasons for making sure you are keeping your body well hydrated with water.

    Health Benefits of Water

    1. Provides balance for our fluidsAs you may already know, the human body is made up of about 60% water. This fluid within the body plays many important roles such as: digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients and temperature control.Your body is constantly signaling to you when it is in need of fluids. It is important that you pay attention to these signals and provide your body with liquids.2. Calorie controlDrinking water before a meal will help you to feel fuller, faster, resulting in a lessened calorie intake. Also, if you have habit of drinking beverages that are high in calories and sugar, water is a perfect substitute. As your body misses out on all of those extra calories, weight loss will begin to occur.3. Energizes musclesCells that do not have a healthy balance of fluids will become weak and cause muscle fatigue. When our muscle cells are lacking the appropriate level of fluids, they work improperly, leading to a lessened performance.This idea applies especially to those who are exercising. Neglecting to provide your body with fluids can result in damage done to the body.4. Keeps your skin youngOur skin contains a lot of water, and works as a barrier, preventing excessive fluid loss. When our skin becomes dehydrated, we begin to look older, our wrinkles become more noticeable and our skin’s texture becomes dry. Keeping your body properly hydrated will prevent these issues.5. Kidney supportThe fluids in our bodies work to transport waste out of cells. When we aren’t getting enough water, our urine is concentrated, darkly colored, and has an odor because our kidney’s are holding on to the fluids for bodily functions. When we are getting enough water, our urine is light in color and odorless. This is a sign of a well hydrated body.

    Svelte Medical Weight Loss

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