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    Svelte's Medical Weight Loss Clinic Lake Mary location provides medically supervised weight loss programs and strategies you need so you can lose weight with NO Surgery! No Hormones! No Starvation! Svelte Medical Weight Loss focuses on insulin stability levels. We are able to help our patients achieve this goal by directing them to eat foods that won't spike your insulin level. When insulin levels are low, fat is burned instead of sugar and hunger is controlled.

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    Lake Mary, Florida is one of those small cities in Florida with a lot of history.

    This area was originally a citrus-based agricultural area, and contributed to the tradition and image of the citrus growers in Florida.

    Until 1923, Lake Mary was considered largely rural. It wasn't until the 1970s when Lake Mary started becoming a more industrialized area. Disney began to expand its area of control, and so Lake Mary changed to accommodate. Hotels began to spring up, and shops sprang up in order to serve tourists, and then residential buildings began to spring up to house the people who worked there serving tourists. It's the classic story of a small farming town becoming a tourist-driving city. Lake Mary has survived and thrived for almost a hundred years and likely a hundred more years to come.

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