• Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and food. The extravagant meals cause joy and anticipation for most people; however, for many of us it elicits fear and dread. How can those of us wrestling with weight management issues enjoy our Thanksgiving meals without feeling guilty?

    What Can Svelte Do To Help?

    One of the biggest pitfalls concerning Thanksgiving is avoiding overindulgence. It’s hard to look at the spread of seasonal foods and not overeat, especially when your friends and family surround you. After all, you want to have a good time and take part in the festivities.At Svelte, we prescribe you appetite medication that helps you eat less, as well as help you to feel satisfied sooner. This way, you can still enjoy Thanksgiving dinner without overindulging. You’ll eat just enough to make you full, and not a morsel more.

    Rely Upon Friends’ and Family’s Support

    However, if you have not yet signed up for our program there is one extremely useful tool that Thanksgiving provides that can be taken advantage of: Your family and friends. Before sitting down for your meal, make sure to let every one know that you are trying to control your weight. Inform them that you are extremely dedicated, and for them to help out in any way they can.As loved ones, your family and friends will support you 100% on your journey. You can count on them to make sure you do not overeat, or that you maintain a healthy regimen by cutting out dessert, as well as help you monitor your portions. Family is the best resource we have so use it.

    Prepare Smarter Meals

    While Thanksgiving is known for its heavy portions and rich foods, if you’re trying to manage your weight it is important to take personal steps toward success. Possibly the best step to take would be to research and prepare a healthy meal for the holiday. Break convention by introducing healthy, low-calorie dishes using some of the same seasonal ingredients.For instance, instead of preparing a whole turkey, prepare just a simple Turkey Breast. Slice it thinly so that there is plenty to share, but also allows for the portions to remain small and reasonable. Don’t use stuffing, as it’s filled mostly with carbs, and prepare a more health-conscious dessert like baked apples with cinnamon instead of Pumpkin Pie.With some ingenuity and a little research, you’ll manage to make delicious yet light Thanksgiving dishes that will please every one. Best yet, you don’t have to worry about eating too much. If you’re concerned about gaining too much weight after Thanksgiving, try us out. Simply fill out the form on our homepage to receive a consultation today! 


    Susie Bragg has been a Registered Nurse since 1989, and specialized in both pediatric critical care and home health nursing before she and her husband - Dr. Richard Bragg - started their own medical practice in 1998. Susie is a breast cancer survivor who developed a keen interest in nutrition as way to live healthier. To schedule an appointment, call (407) 395-4836.