• Following the Weight Loss Journeys of Our Client Family

    There’s a new year right around the corner, and we’ve decided to open our blog to share the journeys of some of our Svelte Medical Weight Loss client family members. This weight loss thing consists of more than just following a plan and checking in on a regular basis. It’s a complete lifestyle change and that’s not always easy.Following the Svelte plan can increase your chances of success by over 40%, and that’s a big deal when you’re searching for something that works for you, but we also want to provide you with insights and encouragement from people who are currently on the exact same journey that you are. There’s strength in doing things together!  Meet Marcy Kraft! You can’t miss her bubbly personality and positive outlook on life. As a wife and mom who is quickly approaching 50, she wants to be the absolute healthiest and best version of herself as she gets ready to rock the “second half of her life,” as she likes to say.We invite you to watch for Marcy’s weekly updates here on our blog. Just look to the right of the screen and you’ll see “Marcy’s Weight Loss Journey” in the Category section. Click on that to quickly find all of her updates and topics. Marcy will be discussing everything from handling cravings to preparing healthy snacks and juggling work and kids while making lifestyle changes!Lose weight fast and keep it off with Svelte Medical Weight Loss of Orlando!

    Susie Bragg

    Dr. Richard and Susie Bragg have been committed to bringing our proven system of medical weight loss to Orlando, Florida and the surrounding area for well over a decade. With a 90% success rate, we believe Svelte MD is the best way to lose weight fast and keep it off forever. We have a plan that fits every person, regardless of medical background or age. Get on board with us and discover a new, fabulous you!