• Who is lipo-Light ABSOLUTELY not suitable for?? Men with very hard belly fat cells? Anyone whose BMI is <18.5, is underweight so that the level of fat is too low What should I do before and after treatment?? Do not drink tea, coffee or alcohol before or after treatment? Drink lots of water after treatment? Do not eat for about 2 hours before or after treatment? Its best to exercise for 30 minutes after treatment to burn off released fat How long do the treatments last?30 minutes How many treatments do I need?Results can usually be seen after a single treatment, however, for maximumresults a course of 8-10 treatments is recommended. Treatments are scheduled attwice per week for 4-5 weeks. I have several areas that I wish to remove fat, can I do them all at once?No. With Lipo-Light you want to target specific areas such as belly fat for your sessions. You will have more effective results this way as we can target the proper lymphatic eliminator areas and produce better fat loss results. Once you have completed an area, you may do additional courses to reduce excess fat in other areas. You will need to leave a 2 week interval between courses of treatment to allow the body to return to its normal mode of action. Will it work on me?Only 3% of patients treated have shown minimal results so you can expect to lose 2-6cm over the 8-10 treatment sessions. Are there any risks involved and does it hurt?There are no risks involed and it does not hurt. Is it effective after having a child?Lipo-light is very effective in new moms who are not breastfeeding. What are the advantages over Laser?It is a safe and effective treatment. There is no risk to the eyes or other organs. The laser is a more direct beam whereas the LED is a refracted beam that covers more surface area, thus, more results. Is maintenance required?This is optional depending on your size and results achieved. The results are permanent but many patients like to have top-up sessions every month or so. How long before I see results?The inch loss can be seen immediately but further inch loss cn occur during the day. What does it feel like?The LED pads get warm during the treatment, like a heating pad. Most patients find it a very relaxing and soothing experience.