• Sclerotherapy is the treatment of unwanted spider veins using a solution called a sclerosant. When it gets injected into the vein, it causes an irritation in the lining of the blood vessel which eventually causes it to shrivel up and gradually fade from view. To obtain the best results after treatment, patients are required to do their part in complying with the post-treatment instructions. Two of the most important instructions are walking for 45 minutes to 1 hour every day for 2 weeks as well as wearing a graduated compression hose for 6 days.Wearing compression stockings after having Sclerotherapy is very important because it helps to reduce bruising, swelling, matting and “trapped blood” in the vein. A proper fitting medical grade compression hose has an inherent mechanism devised to improve the blood circulation. These compression hoses have a “graduated compression” mechanism that functions with each contraction of the calf muscle to move the blood up and out of the veins. By doing so, they allow each treated blood vessel to adequately collapse and fade. Matting refers to a fine network of blood vessels that can develop after treatment if there is not adequate compression on the vessel walls. Trapped blood refers to blood that gets trapped in between two closed off segments of the vessel if it lacks compression. Both post-treatment walking and wearing of the compression hose function together to give the patient the best results after treatment.


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