• It can be fairly difficult to keep on top of a healthy lifestyle, but the advent of digital technology has come a long way in assisting us in this regard. One such helpful tool is called Fooducate, and it is about to become the healthy man and woman’s best friend. 


    Fooducate is an app, and is available on the iTunes App Marketplace. The function of this particular app is to help health-conscious shoppers make better, healthier decisions pertaining to their purchases at their local market. But, how does this work? 


    Fooducate is absolutely stuffed with helpful features designed to help keep you in step with your diet. Some of the features that make Fooducate so invaluable include:
    • Barcode Scanner: Assuming your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch comes equipped with a camera, you can scan the barcode of a particular food item. This allows Fooducate to display the pros and cons of each item, its rating as defined by a strict guideline created by dieticians, and more. You can even search for healthier alternatives, allowing you to compare and contrast one brand/item from another. (If your apple product does not have a camera, you can simply enter the UPC by hand.)
    • Thorough Analysis: The information that Fooducate gleans upon reading a barcode is more than what you’ll find on the package. Not only will it inform you as to the health value of an item or brand, but it will also tell you all of the “hidden information” producers leave out from the printed nutritional value charts. Hidden information includes: Excessive sugar, tricky trans fats, additives and preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, controversial food colorings, and so on.
    • Professional Development: Fooducate has been designed by dieticians and concerned parents, all of whom have dedicated their lives to learning the ins and outs of nutrition. As such, you can use Fooducate without any fear of receiving bad data.


    The cost of the Fooducate App depends upon which version you wish to download. There are both a Fooducate Free (free to download, obviously), as well as a Fooducate Plus ($3.99). The features are identical, but Fooducate Plus operates ad-free. If you can tolerate pop-up ads, go for the free version. In the end, regardless of your choice, you’ll still receive this vital information pertaining to over 200,000 unique products/brands. 

    Dr. Richard Bragg

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