• Dollarphotoclub_48659291 copyLuckily, we no longer live in the days of working out to a VHS tape, or a program on TV. It isn’t even necessary for us to own a TV to learn new exercises and stay in shape. We are even past the days of needing our computers to search the web for new workout plans. Now all we need is one little thing, our phones.With them we could look up “best exercises for abs”, or whatever it is that you’re looking to whip into shape, on the internet. OR we could just download an app!

    Workout Apps

    As you may already know, there are literally hundreds of workout apps. That being said, it can be rather challenging to find one that suits your needs.Speaking of needs, there are a few things we all look for in our exercise apps:
    • video instructions
    • music
    • exercises for all major areas
    • time settings
    Instead of telling you what you need, and sending you off on a wild goose chase, we are going to list the best workout apps available today.1. Hot5 Hot5 is one of our favorite fitness apps of the year.Just as the name suggests, Hot5 is made of many pages of 5 minute workout videos that are easy to follow. The videos range from yoga, to flexibility and everything in between. With this app you also have the ability to choose exercises that are the appropriate difficulty level for you.The videos are filmed in modern style and are very user friendly. You won’t have to waste time signing up for this app as it is ready to go as soon as you open it!2. GymPactLooking for something to really motivate you to stick to your diet and workout? GymPact might be perfect for you.By making commitments to work out a specified number of times, per week, you can choose to risk certain amounts of money. If you don’t keep your side of the pact, you lose the money you wagered. If you do, you earn some!Talk about motivation!3. Six Pack AbsThis app includes nearly 20 core-strengthening exercises, animated by lifelike avatars. The videos will show you exactly how to perform exercises with good form to prevent injury. You can use this app to select playlists that work well with the intensity level of your workout to get your body and mind in sync.If you want even more workout videos and the ability to create custom workouts, you will have to upgrade to the full version of Six Pack Abs.4. Johnson and Johnson Official 7 Minute WorkoutThis app includes 36 exercises, 13 predesigned workouts, and a custom workout feature that will help you to design your own 7 minute workout. All you have to do to personalize your session is choose the length of rest intervals, the number of times you want to run through a circuit, and music from your library.This app uses audio and visual instruction to guide you through your workout.

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