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  • Dollarphotoclub_48947960 copyMany snacks seem healthy. When we get into the habit of eating things that look healthier than they are, we can easily pack on pounds and ruin our weight loss efforts.

    We are going to share with you, a couple of unhealthy snacks that are commonly mistaken for healthy.

    “Healthy” Snacks That Aren’t Healthy

    1. Tuna salad & Crackers

    A can of tuna mixed with mayo, and paired with a couple of crackers can easily take you above 300 calories for just a snack. Try eating a can of tuna without the crackers, and you can always opt for low-fat Greek yogurt rather than mayonnaise.

    2. Hummus & Pit Chips

    Hummus is a great option for dip. However, pita chips tend to be just as damaging to our health as any potato chip. If you do not regulate the amount of chips and hummus you are eating, this snack can easily escalate to an above 300 calorie ordeal. A couple tablespoons of hummus, paired with 10 small pieces of  pita bread will keep the calorie count down.

    3. Rice Cakes

    Rice cakes are low in calories and fat free, because of this many people label them as a diet food. However, rice cakes are terrible on the glycemic index. This means that rice cakes spike your blood sugar, and in turn, your insulin levels. One of the best methods of weight loss is to always control your insulin levels. This leads to a twice as much weight loss in the same amount of time.

     4. Bottled Smoothies

    Many of us make a stop at the grocery store on our lunch breaks. This makes it easier to choose between healthy, and unhealthy foods. When you get to picking out your drink, a bottled smoothie may seem better than a bottle of smoothie. Although a bottled smoothie is preferred over soda, you should always take into account the calorie count. One smoothies is typically 150 calories per serving, and if you read the fine print, one smoothie is usually two servings. This puts you at 300 calories just for a drink. It is a much better idea to make your own smoothies or to opt for a bottle of water.

     5. Banana Chips

    Because banana chips are made of bananas, we often think they must be a safe choice for a healthy snack. Banana chips are actually a poor choice because of the fact that they are fried and high in saturated fat. A diet high in saturated fats will cause you to feel even more hungry, when you aren’t. Avoid banana chips, opt for fresh banana instead!

    Weight Loss

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