• Dollarphotoclub_58141499 copyYoga has long been associate with emotional health, mental health and spiritual health, but have you considered yoga as a form of physical health? Yoga is extremely beneficial to the body, and when used correctly, can help you to lose weight and meet your weight loss goals.Today we are going to share with you, 5 steps to take in order to get the most out of your yoga workouts. In doing so, you will be able to experience weight loss, muscle definition, a stronger core, mental peace, and so much more.

    How to Use Yoga to Jump Start Weight Loss

    1. Choose higher level yogaYou may already know that there are a wide variety of yoga styles. Some of which are more slowly paced and concentrate on breathing, while others are significantly more rigorous in nature. With weight loss in mind, it would be wise to participate in a yoga class of a more demanding nature. After participating in this class you may even consider moving up to a yoga 2 class to increase the level of difficulty.2. Shift posesTypically in yoga classes you will find your instructor telling you to hold a pose for a certain number of breaths. If you have a knowledge of other similar poses, you can increase your activity level by shifting poses during these times when you would otherwise be holding one pose. This will create more strength, flexibility and cause you to burn more calories.3. Opt for longer classesIf your gym or yoga studio offers classes that last longer than 30 minutes, it would be wise to opt for these. The longer you workout, the more calories your body will burn. For example a 90 minute class could allow you to burn 400 calories, while a 60 minute class may only burn 270.4. Try yin yogaTypically your instructor may ask you to hold a pose for 3-5 breaths. Yin yoga requires you to hold poses for a much longer period, such as 10 or more breaths. This may not sound like a significant difference in comparison, however, it will definitely cause your body to become strengthened and more flexible. If you’re city doesn’t offer yin yoga anywhere, simply hold the poses in your class for that extra amount of time. If you have any knowledge of yoga, you could even practice on your own.5. Keep moving forwardAs your body becomes stronger, and achieving higher level poses starts to come more naturally to you, it is important that you move up to a more difficult class. Your body may not continue to benefit from the yoga positions if they can be easily achieved. In the same sense that you continue to run further distances as you become stronger, you should continue to participate in higher level yoga.

    Svelte Medical Weight Loss

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