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  • Many people have a variety of misconceptions when it comes to weight loss. For many in Orlando, we find that we hear a variety of old wives tales, different stories on how people lost the weight and kept it off, but generally, these do not hold true. It does not matter if you mean to go through an intensive training program or if you plan on seeking out Orlando medical weight loss, you?re going to hear some of these, and quite a number of them can be debunked rather easily. It won?t do you much good to hold onto things that just aren?t true when it comes to your own personal weight loss journey.Nobody knows exactly why weight fluctuates- there is not one set reason this can happen. There are a multitude of causes that can make this happen, but no one seems to be applicable to everyone. It isn?t always about eating right- though this can play a big role in weight loss, sometimes genetics or metabolism can play a big role. Some people want to say that it is an issue of body build- that someone?s frame causes weight gain or loss, but the differences aren?t as great as they may appear. Those who do have bigger frames simply have more room for weight gain, this does not predispose them to weight gain necessarily.You also might hear that all diets will work well if you adhere to them strictly but that is not true, either. A personalized weight loss plan is key to losing weight and keeping it off because everyone is different. There needs to be many factors taken into account when dieting and starting a fitness plan and nobody can do that for the person trying to lose weight unless they are actually working with that person. Sure, some diets work, however, the most successful diet and weight loss plans involve a personalization to the person wanting to lose the weight.Also, not everyone who is losing weight is healthy, nor is weight loss a good sign that someone is living a more healthy lifestyle. Not everyone who is thin is healthy, just as not everyone who is larger is unhealthy. Again, this is a very personalized thing- your ideal body weight and build are unique to you and any good diet or fitness plan will show that and use that in order to make the most of what you are working with.You also have to be very careful in how you cut the calories, not just focused on cutting them solely. Again, not everyone will be able to follow the same regimens and have the same results. This line of thinking can sometimes actually be detrimental to health and wellness, not beneficial.One of the key things to remember in weight loss is personalization. This is something that many people overlook. Making sure that your diet and fitness plan is tailored just for you is an important factor to not only looking but feeling your best.
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