• Obese Teens and Lap Banding

    Fast Company posted an article a couple days ago that really grabbed our attention. Allergan, the company that makes BOTOX® Cosmetic, LATISSE® (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution), and JUVÉDERM® has sought FDA approval for another one of their products, LAP-BAND®, to be an option for obese teenagers as young as 14.

    Fast Company cites metabolic rates in growing teens and untested longevity as primary reasons to be wary of choosing the LAP-BAND as an option for weight loss:

    The most obvious problem here is that kids sometimes outgrow their weight problems; allowing a 14-year-old to get Lap-Band surgery discourages them from sticking with diet and exercise. But there’s another problem: the Lap-Band system has only been around since 2001. Allergan has no idea how safe an implanted Lap-Band might be once it’s been inside someone for 30 or 40 years, and kids probably shouldn’t be the guinea pigs.

    Laws currently allow the LAP-BAND device to be used within minors, with parental consent, however the new age drop would also include marketing options for teenagers. While parents can all recognize that young kids all think “quick fix,” it is important to note that invasive surgery is anything but a swift alternative. Recovery time, as well as potential side effects make researching various, diet-and-exercise weight loss options a must.

    Any parent or teen considering this as an option for unwanted weight is recommended seek a consultation with a weight loss specialist to discover all of the options. Invasive surgery is almost always a last resort for achieving results.


    Susie Bragg has been a Registered Nurse since 1989, and specialized in both pediatric critical care and home health nursing before she and her husband - Dr. Richard Bragg - started their own medical practice in 1998. Susie is a breast cancer survivor who developed a keen interest in nutrition as way to live healthier. To schedule an appointment, call (407) 395-4836.

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