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  • Dollarphotoclub_49864836 copyWeight loss is a tricky thing. For one person fat may begin to melt away around the face first, while for someone else it may begin in the thighs. Sometimes we lose weight in places that we would rather keep the way they are, and sometimes we just can’t seem to lose weight in the places we really need to. The main area of concern, for the majority of people, is the stomach. Stubborn belly fat is a very common among those who are losing weight, and it can be a big discouragement.Don’t give up just yet. We are going to share with you some of the most effective methods of melting away stomach fat, and getting slim.

    Rules For a Flat Tummy

    With these tips in mind, knocking off that extra stomach weight will be very achievable. Here’s how to do it.1. ExerciseThere are certain exercises that we have long considered the cure for belly fat: crunches and sit-ups. The fact of the matter is, these methods just aren’t working for one reason or another. That doesn’t mean it’s time to give up on exercising, it means it’s time you tried something different. One effective exercise is staying in planking position for an extended period of time. Also, many yoga poses are perfect for exercising those stomach muscles and reducing fat.2. Know What Causes ItKnowing what causes belly fat is principal in learning how to get rid of it. It is important that you make yourself aware of the foods and ingredients that have a reputation for increasing belly fat. Some of these are packaged foods, partially hydrogenated oils and enriched flours. The worst offender of them all, however, is transfats. You should always avoid transfats which can be found in margarine, packaged cookies, crackers and pasta and more. Transfats not only increase the fat in your midsection, but it can also redistribute fats from other areas into your belly.3. Know What Burns ItKnow what burns fat in the stomach is also greatly important. Educate yourself on these foods and you will have a much easier time losing that extra weight. Monounsaturated fats, which can be found in nuts, olive oil, and seeds, is wonderful for burning fat. Avocados, green tea, and whole grains are a few food items that you should add to your shopping list, as they too can be used to burn fat.  Keep foods in your home that you can eat and feel good about.

    Svelte Medical Weight Loss Center

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    Susie Bragg

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