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Dr. Bragg’s Revolutionary Weight Management Programs

We understand that choosing the right weight management program is an important decision. After all, there are so many specialists out there, all offering their own methods, how are you sure what to expect when walking into our office? We only provide programs developed by Dr. Bragg himself, all of which have met great praise from clients — as well as professionals in the industry. You won’t find these programs anywhere else.

What Is The Program?

Dr. Bragg’s proprietary program involves a weekly injection of all natural vitamins and amino acids. This mixture lowers Insulin levels, which cause the body to burn fat before burning sugars. This ensures that exercise will do more than it would have. The program also calls for the use of appetite medication(s), developed to help curb your appetite in a healthy manner that does not require starvation.

The cost of the program involves an initial fee of $260, but this first visit includes: Medical History, Limited Exam, Blood Pressure, Weight, Body Fat Measurements, EKG, Blood Work, Injection, 1 month supply of a fat burner, Vitamins, and a 1 week prescription for appetite medication.  Each week after that costs $75 dollars, and covers Blood Pressure, Weight, Body Fat Measurements, weekly injection, and a 1 week prescription of appetite medication.

But What if I am Diabetic/Vegetarian/Want to Put My Child on the Program?

Dr. Bragg has a specially developed program for those suffering with Diabetes. It is similar to the regular program, but involves dramatically lowering your sugar readings. Your blood pressure is monitored every weeks, and the physician in charge will taper off any blood pressure medication(s) you may be on.

There is also a program designed for those with a vegetarian lifestyle. A diet consistent with a vegetarian lifestyle will be prescribed by the physician in charge.

As for children’s programs, Dr. Bragg has developed a method for minors. A child must be at least 10 years old to be considered for treatment, and no child under 16 may be allowed to be prescribed appetite medication. This is in keeping with FDA standards and regulations. If a child is under 16, advise the doctor and alternative medications will be recommended.

Lunch and Learn Program

Svelte and Dr. Bragg hold occasional Lunch and Learn get togethers, and any one interested in weight management is encouraged to attend. Held at Svelte’s two offices in Florida, the gatherings include a healthy lunch, as well as a primer into the world of healthy weight management. Attendees will meet others in their position, learn about ways to control their weight, and are also informed as to how the programs work.


If you’re looking for reliable, safe weight management programs that promise results, contact Svelte MD today. Simply fill out the form on our homepage to receive a consultation today!

Bishop Moore Hornets Look To Finish Off Winning Season

BM_Hornet Orlando Weight Loss The Varsity Football team for the Bishop Moore Hornets returns from their bye week on the 21st with another victory. Currently sitting at 5-1 for the season, Matt Hedrick and his team are on track to meet or beat last season’s 9-3 record. In their last game against Poinciana, the Hornets gouged the Eagles in a 61 -14 victory in Kissimmee. With three touchdown passes by Quarterback Danny May and a 20-yard interception “pick six,” the Hornets went 2-0 in district play. Bishop Moore had a bye week this past week and will play Eustis High School on Friday.

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