• Dollarphotoclub_48659291 copyYoga is often viewed as more of a hobby, or a spiritual activity, than as a form of exercise and providing health to your body. The truth is, there are a multitude of benefits that can be experienced by working yoga into your daily routine.Yoga can potentially change your life, and we are going to tell you how.

    Reasons You Should Be Doing Yoga

    1. Happier State of MindResearch has proven that yoga can improve your mood, quite substantially. A series of standing, sitting and balancing poses, practiced for one hour every day makes a huge difference. Those who participated in this had a 27% higher level of GABA (a brain chemical associated with improved mood) than a group who sat and read quietly for an hour.2. Relieves Aches and PainsStudies have also found that yoga has the power to relieve discomfort in the body. For example, a group of patients with lower back pain participated in a 90 minute yoga class, twice per week. This group of people experienced a 56% decrease in the level of pain they were experiencing. Those who took pain medications experienced only a 16% decrease in pain.3. Improves SleepA group of insomniac patients were told to do 45 minutes of yoga, every day before bed for two months. These people fell asleep 15 minutes earlier than the typically did, and slept for an extra hour. This is thought to be attributed to the fact that yoga helps you to relax, making it much easier to switch into sleep mode.4. Calms YouWe’ve all heard of namaste right? Well this is a real thing. Studies have shown that women who practice yoga once every week for two years, or more, released 41% less cytokin than those who were new to yoga. This is a tension triggered chemical that causes us to feel tired and moody.5. Improves ConfidenceStudies have revealed that those who practice yoga have a more positive body image by 20%, in comparison to those who practice aerobics and such. This is thought to be because of the fact that yoga requires you to tune into the feelings of your body, not the appearance of it.

    Svelte Medical Weight Loss

    With all of these benefits, why wouldn’t you want to start doing yoga? Improved sleep results in overall health, and healthy weight loss. Improved mood and confidence will results in a more positive look at your body.Are you trying to lose weight, but struggling? Svelte Medical Weight Loss Center of Orlando can help. Our medical staff has been working in the field of weight loss for many years. We have helped hundreds of men and women, just like you, reach their goal weight. Are you interested in learning more about what Svelte can offer you? Contact our offices today to get more information, and schedule your first visit.

    Susie Bragg

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